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Holiday Greenery Sale! -- Supports Kilbourne Lacrosse

By WKHS Lacrosse Parents Club, 10/26/21, 1:30PM EDT


Easy, beautiful and always perfect gifts!


Looking for high quality, easy, and beautiful gifts for the holidays?  You're in luck!  The popular, annual Kilbourne Lacrosse Lynch Creek Farms sale is NOW OPEN!  

The greenery is fresh from the pacific northwest and remains fragrant through the holidays.  The wreathes and centerpieces are perfect for sending to out of town relatives or business associates.  It's a perfect gift with the ease of socially distant online shopping and delivery.  You can even order now and pick your delivery dates!

The feedback on this sale is so positive many people are annual customers and eagerly wait to order every year.  Plus, a portion of each sale also supports Kilbourne Lacrosse.  Our goal is to raise $1,000 this season to support the kids.

So happy shopping and feel free to share the link with extended family, friends and associates at the office, too!  They'll thank you for helping make their holiday shopping season easier, as well!  Orders can be made and sent nationwide.  It is not limited to local orders! 

Here's the link to order with more pictures and products: